Swiss, born in 1956, Christof Zuber helds a PhD in economics from University of Zurich.

After several positions in Switzerland and abroad in key account management, sales and marketing with Jacobs Suchard he assumed responsibility as CEO of different fast moving consumer goods companies. Two of them where publicly quoted: Attisholz Holding Ltd. with the Household Brands Hakle and Tela followed by the brewery Feldschlösschen Holding Ltd. as the Swiss market leader. He gained exposure to the travel sector as CEO of Hotelplan Group, an European multi-billion Tour Operator with additional activities in Hotels and Airline Business. Today Christof Zuber is a private equity advisor and investor and assumes strategic and occasionally operational responsibilities in the travel and luxury goods sector.  

He was appointed as Director of Lux Island Resorts Ltd in February 2012 and member of the Remuneration Committee and of the Corporate Governance Committee in September 2012. Then he resigned from Lux Island Resorts Ltd in November 2015 to be appointed on the Board of its Management Company, LUX Hospitality Ltd, where he actually sits as Director, he also became the Chairman of the Remuneration Committee at the same date.

Directorship in other listed companies : None