Born in 1962, Alexis Harel holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration-Accounting from Louisiana State University, USA. He started his career in auditing with De Chazal Du Mee, then occupied managerial position in the industrial sector and participated in setting up the first BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) company in Mauritius where he was Managing Director. He joined Grays & Co in 1992 and currently holds the position of Commercial Director. He is an Executive Director of Terra Mauricia. He also serves as Director of Rehm Grinnaker Construction Co Ltd, Terragri and Grays Distilling amongst others.

He was appointed as Director of Lux Island Resorts Ltd and as Chairman of the Audit Committee in April 2004 and as Chairman of the Corporate Governance Committee in April 2005. Then he resigned from Lux Island Resorts Ltd in November 2015 to be appointed on the Board of its Management Company, LUX Hospitality Ltd, where he actually sits as Director.

Directorship in other listed companies: Terra Mauricia Limited, United Docks Ltd