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LUX* Resorts & Hotels is a leading group of hotels which strongly believes in sustainable tourism development. It has taken various initiatives in order to achieve same, amongst which the implementation of a Green Committee across the group to handle all environmental and energy saving related activities. LUX* Resorts & Hotels has embarked in a journey towards a carbon clean future through its project "Tread Lightly". Launched in August 2011, "Tread Lightly", is an amalgam of green projects.

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To reduce its energy consumption from electricity which is mainly from the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning) system, LUX Group has introduced an Energy Management System (EMS). The EMS will also consider the security aspect of each room. The system will also provide professional reports to assess each step towards meeting the set objectives of reducing energy consumption and thus reducing the carbon footprint.

For further monitoring of energy consumption and hence reduction in carbon emission, a Carbon Management Plan (CMP) has been introduced. The CMP consists of actions to be taken by the resorts, the hotels and the members of the Green Committee at LUX Island Resorts Ltd from each respective entity are responsible to ensure that the actions are well undertaken.

Other initiatives include a laundry reduction project. The group has introduced a "Laundry Asterix" in each of its room with the below messages for the guests:

  • Place used towels in the bathtub if you require fresh ones
  • Place "me" on your bed if you require fresh sheets
  • Don't forget to switch off the light before you leave your room
  • The environment will thank you for this
  • Find out more about Tread Lightly on : www.treadlightly.com

Thus it is engaging its guests in responsible tourism and in a very diplomatic way.


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