Le Groupe LUX*

Putting on the LUX

Putting on the LUX* is the magazine arm of LUX* Resorts & Hotels, a luxury resort company with properties in Mauritius, Reunion and the Maldives. LUX* is a brand that celebrates the lighter side of luxury with a unique approach to crafting the finest holiday experience for guests. Putting on the LUX* explores the stories behind the 54 scenes that make up the LUX* show, everything from coffee to space-age mattress design, to the way our industry is impacting the planet. Don't worry, it's not all one great big advertorial. If you want to book a holiday then we have a website just for that.

Luxury needn't be heavy and hard to digest. We write features and craft films about stories from all over the world to give you just a little taste of why. And maybe brighten up your day too.