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Be game for an exhilarating adventure out in the open ocean! All guests of the LUX* Resorts & Hotels in Mauritius can now experience the thrill of the big catch, with a comprehensive big game fishing service, including return transfers from our resorts to the boat pick-up spot. Let the fun begin!

If the terms 'big game fishing' have you picturing anglers heading out into the middle of the ocean and catching monster fish, you are not far off the mark. Big game fishing is all about reelin' in some of the biggest fish in the ocean.

Why go big game fishing? Because it's fun! Catching a big game fish, especially a larger-than-normal foe, is one of the most exhilarating adventures you could have. Watching that marlin jump for the first time will get anyone's heart racing, while seeing the teeth of a mako shark up close will leave you speechless.

Big game fishing trips are also a lot of fun because you never know what exactly is lurking underneath your boat, and the anticipation of what may strike your line is almost as exciting as catching a fish. Even if you don't catch that monster you're looking for, it's still more than likely you'll catch all kinds of accidental species that are still fun to reel in.

The pursuit of getting the biggest fish you can find is not limited to personal glory or fishing tournaments. Big game fishing world records are hallowed accomplishments that will have your name forever enshrined next to a specific species - not too shabby a legacy. This is especially true for species notoriously hard to set a record for.

Mauritius is renowned for being one of the best big game fishing destinations worldwide, and LUX* Resorts & Hotels has partnered with one of the most reputable big game fishing companies in Mauritius to offer you the fishing experience of a lifetime.


JP HENRY CHARTER, our trusted partner, operates from a fishing centre located in the South-West of the island.

The south-west coast offers some of the world's best fishing action within a few miles from the coral barrier reef. With perfect conditions prevailing throughout the year, the possibilities to fight giant blue marlin, black marlin, mako sharks, tiger sharks, yellow fin tuna, dog tooth tuna and many other exciting fish are endless.

Run by two specialists, Jean Pierre Henry and his son Pascal Henry, their fishing centre offers comprehensive services, including transfers to and from the centre for those guests staying at the LUX* properties located on the other coasts of our beautiful island. Please contact us for more information about transfers and rates.

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