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Catamaran cruises

Take to the blue waters of the Indian Ocean, for a magical day of exploration, relaxation and fun water activities on board of a fleet of sleek, impressive and fully equipped catamarans.

You'll get to see the island from the waves, all gorgeous greenery and imposing mountain peaks; you'll lounge about, swaying to the rhythms of sega or your own ipod soundtrack; you'll have a fabulous meal on board, and plenty of time to swim, snorkel and otherwise frolic in perfect, warm, transparent tropical waters. Whether you want a day of family fun, a leisurely search for new fish to spy through your snorkel mask, or a romantic outing with your soul mate, there is a choice and a cruise for everyone. Cruises are available all around the island, and every coast has its wonders and its fascination.

The south west of Mauritius is definitely one of the most impressive and untouched coasts, with a varied landscape alternating endless forests, lush mangroves, sleepy fishing villages, and silky sugarcane fields, on a background of towering mountain peaks. It also has some of the most lagoons and beaches, and unparalleled diving and snorkelling spots.

We think it's very memorable, so we currently recommend the cruises below, allowing all clients of LUX* Resorts & Hotels to discover the tranquil west coast.

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