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Mauritius All Inclusive

Get the ultimate beach holiday experience with our all-inclusive packages. We offer a delightful holiday experience in each of our fabulous all-inclusive beach resorts: LUX* Belle Mare, LUX* Le MorneLUX* Grand Gaube.

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LUX* All Inclusive

Whether you are looking for a family holiday, a couple's romantic getaway, a magical honeymoon,  a great place to get married, a water sports and extreme sports adrenaline-filled extravaganza, or simply to get away from it all with a spot of wellness and pampering, you'll find it all at our all-inclusive luxury resorts. 

Get any of these all-inclusive packages, and the only thing you'll have to worry about while you are with us is applying the correct amount of sunscreen. And maybe, which fabulous restaurant to choose for each meal, whether you'd rather spend the day with a mini-wellness retreat or mastering the waves and winds practising your wind surfing skills; you might find yourself worrying, in fact, that your holiday is too short for you to  be able to fit in every delightful experience that we're including in the package. But the worry will be short-lived because, as promised, whatever you choose to do, we'll make sure each moment matter. 
And, the best of all, your credit card will be on holiday, too. The only time you'll consider it, in fact, will probably be when you'll be thinking about booking your next stay with us…just so that you do get some more of the pampering and fun.

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