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Swimming with wild dolphins experience at LUX* Resorts

You want a holiday rich in experiences, fun and memories. We entirely sympathize with that wish, so we're inviting you on an amazing journey that will stay with you forever: going out on a sunny morning to swim with wild dolphins.

Human fascination with these intelligent creatures is as old as humanity itself, and all those who have experienced a close encounter with them will carry the memory of those moments in their hearts forever.

Many operators around the planet will offer you dolphin interactions, but few will involve truly wild dolphins, in their natural habitat, and even fewer will show more consideration for the dolphins than our partners in Mauritius do.

One of the best spots around the island to observe wild dolphin behaviour and interact with them is on the west coast, in the bays of Black River and Tamarin, where the pods come to play, socialize and feed, attracted by the waters teaming with their favourite fishy breakfast. However, no matter where your LUX* resort is located on the island, we strongly encourage you to take this trip: it's well worth an early morning, and after all, there will always be a good Café LUX* flat white to kick-start your engines!

You can see the dolphins throughout the morning, but the specialized swimming with dolphins cruises only operate between 7 am and 8:30 am. By 10:30, the dolphins start to move beyond the reef to hunt for schooling fish. The two species you will meet during this cruise are spinner dolphins and bottlenose dolphins. 


Water Sports highlights 

The spinner dolphin is generally seen in large pods, up to one hundred of them on the same spot; they like playing and are very active underwater, giving you clients a good hour of sport. Spinner dolphins will not exceed 80 kg and 8 feet in length, and it is common to see babies just other a feet long and probably weighing not more than 3 kg.

The bottlenose dolphin is the most common of the dolphin species worldwide. In Mauritius they live in smaller groups, between 2 to 15 individuals. Much larger than the spinners, they will weigh between 150 kg to 650 kg and will reach up to 12 feet long. Their patterns behaviour patterns are slightly different, as they tend to spend more time in the bays, sometimes until around 11:30, but it may also happen that we see them in the afternoon in the middle of the lagoon, in 1 .5 meter of crystal clear water. They are very quiet and much easier to swim with, it is common to have them swimming around you in the water.

The two species will never be found in the same spot, once the bottlenoses arrive the whole group of spinners will leave the bay to the open sea, they will not share the same spot.

Our partner, JP Charters, will only take you swimming with them until 8:30, both to respect their natural behavioural patterns and make sure they return for futures generations to see, but also for concern in your safety: many other boats will appear for dolphin watching cruises, so it would be unsafe for you to be in the water amongst boat traffic. The more boats join in to the fun, the more reluctant the dolphins will be to get close to you (and the boats) in the water, so your experience would not be the same.

We encourage you to plan this experience at the beginning of your stay, as in the event dolphins are not the spot our partner will either reschedule you for another day or refund the amount you paid for the trip.


Swimming with the Dolphins Trip


2000 Rs/person

Private Trip

8500 Rs/boat


For more information on transfers and bookings, please contact  us: JP Henry Charters