Opening 2018

Phu Quoc is a gem of a destination, the biggest island in Vietnam and often referred to as Pearl Island, although its pearl industry is only one of its many attractions. It not only has idyllic beaches but fantastic countryside.

Until a new international airport opened, the island was only accessible to more intrepid travelers. Nowadays, Phu Quoc’s white sands and tropical climate are increasingly enticing beachgoers to soak up the sun and some Vietnamese culture. It’s a great place for snorkeling, scuba diving and fishing – with catching squid a local specialty. Jet-skiing and sailing are becoming increasingly popular as well.
There’s plenty else to do besides. The Duong Dong Market is a must-visit and, not far from there, is a forest path to the Suoi Tranh Waterfalls, particularly spectacular when rain has fallen. There’s a mass of other nature ventures but, above all, the island is renowned for serving the country’s best seafood and is home to nuoc mam, the world’s best fish sauce. But before impressing everyone with your tales, a tip – the island’s name is pronounced foo kwuck.
Watch this space for updates on the development of what promises to be the most exciting resort in Vietnam.