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Welcome to LUX* Tea Horse Road Lijiang

A luxury hotel in Lijiang, China – the gateway to the fascinating Yunnan province

Mountain Light... Opening a window onto one of China’s hidden treasures, discovering a unique journey through one of China’s most spectacular routes – the Tea Horse Road...

LUX* Tea Horse Road – an exclusive and original discovery adventure that guides, inspires and delights our guests as they embark on a transformational journey through the historic circuit of LUX* Tea Horse Road – is a unique experience, an experience of a lifetime.

Tucked into Lijiang’s ancient town,  a UNESCO World Heritage site, this boutique hotel stages exceptional local experiences to connect discerning travellers with the essence of the ancient town and its magical surroundings.

Located in a typical courtyard-shape residence, our luxury hotel in Lijiang banishes thoughtless patterns and offers a simple, fresh and sensory approach to showcasing the renowned ‘city of bridges’ of Lijiang. 

Home to a profusion of traditional architecture and culture, Lijiang provides LUX* the perfect backdrop to celebrate the local Naxi culture whilst providing its guests a Lighter, Brighter experience in refreshingly modern comforts. 

Expect personalized adventurous excursions inspired by The LUX* Tea Horse Road original trail, experience original Naxi cooking classes directly from Baisha villagers, learn about the legendary Pu’er tea with in-house tea ceremonies, find your message in a bottle around the narrow lanes of the old town, dare the challenging surroundings on a horseback or simply enjoy what we love most, explore the myriads of faces of Lijiang ancient town.

Introducing LUX* Lijiang


Embark on the LUX* Tea Horse Road: a passage through Place and Time.

Join us, and discover the first stop in the heart of Lijiang’s ancient town...

Traditional Naxi cooking classes



Yunnan province is home to China’s largest number of ethnic minority groups, and its widest range of plant life. Try the deliciously varied cuisine of Yunnan and you’ll taste the culinary traditions of a diverse, multicultural population, where a variety of cooking styles combine to create dishes of extraordinary flavour – each one celebrating the unique taste and quality of locally sourced ingredients.
In Lijiang we treasure the expertise and flair of our chefs, because they know how to balance the sour, spicy and sweet ingredients that make the local cuisine so tasty. We’re inviting you to experience a traditional Naxi cooking class in the heart of Lijiang. You’ll begin with a trip to the local market, handpicking the freshest ingredients. Having learned about the intricate techniques required to prepare and cook Naxi cuisine, you can savour your creations and swap stories at our communal dining table.

Your Arty Set



Painting pretty landscapes isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. In Lijiang, we’d like to think that your brush and ink skills can serve a much more rewarding purpose…
The Naxi people have worked hard to preserve their traditional written language, a pictographic script that dates back to the age-old Bön religion. Regarded as the world’s ‘last living pictographic language’, Dongba pictograms portray scenes from everyday life and the world around us, reflecting the Bön priests’ vision for peace and harmony between man and nature.
We’d like to share this evocative craft with you. We’ll take you behind the scenes at the local Naxi Culture Institute in Baisha Village where you’ll meet a genuine Shaman – one of only sixty Dongba masters alive today. He’ll teach you the skills you need to create Dongba pictograms with your own hand, expressing the unique spirit and majestic culture of a truly memorable destination.

On your bike

On your bike


From ancient towns and seemingly endless fields, to mountainous vistas where the air is fresh and pure, perhaps most invigorating way to explore the breathtaking landscape surrounding of Lijiang is by bicycle.
Whether you’re a casual cyclist looking for fun or an experienced rider seeking bigger thrills, our personalised maps will show the way, pointing out the many unmissable sights that make this landscape so memorable. One of our favourite routes takes you from Lijiang Ancient Town to the famous Black Dragon Pool, stopping off at Baisha Village for a tasty local lunch. It’s the perfect morning workout, or the beginning of a greater adventure that will lead you to the iconic Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. 

Giddy up

Giddy up


Explore Lijiang by horseback and retrace the legendary cobblestone trails used for a thousand years by fearless horsemen trading their precious cargo: tea.
Our team of local equestrians will introduce you to secret paths and hidden treasures, taking you along the LUX* Tea Horse Road, through the Ancient Town and on, to the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. If you’re feeling brave, venture further afield… With your horseman guide showing the way, you’ll navigate a labyrinth of almost invisible trails leading through picturesque forests and up, to mesmerising high altitude lakes and waterfalls.
Take a few moments to revel in the spellbinding beauty of Wenhai Lake (3200m above sea level). Visit a local village refuel with a picnic while gazing at the Dayan valley’s splendour before mounting up and heading home.

Hike your way around



One of the best ways to explore Lijiang’s breathtaking natural beauty is on foot, and we’ve got some fantastic hiking trails for you. All you need is a good pair of hiking shoes and a camera!
Explore our hiking trails and you’ll discover places that look and sound like something from a dream… Lashi Lake, the Stone Drum Town, the First Bend of the Yangtze River, Middle Tiger Leaping Gorge and Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. The names alone are enough to inspire and delight. We know it’s a fun way to explore the landscape, but hiking should never be taken too lightly – especially at these altitudes. Rest assured, we’ve tested our trails in different seasons and weather conditions to make sure they’re safe, so you can make the most of your time in the highlands.


We can't always promise clear skies but, with your help, we can guarantee a clear conscience.

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LUX* cares about the destinations that are home to its properties.
After all, memorable holidays shouldn't cost the earth and that's why we are doing our best to 'Tread Lightly' by offsetting 100% of the carbon emitted during your stay. It's one of a number of measures we're putting in place to help us leave a lighter footprint.
The destinations of Mauritius, La Réunion, the Maldives and Yunnan in China are spectacular. Together, we can do our bit to make sure they stay that way. 

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LUX* Lijiang Launch Offer

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