LUX* Lijiang

A luxury hotel in Lijiang, China – the gateway to the fascinating Yunnan province

Mountain Light... Opening a window onto one of China’s hidden treasures, discovering a unique journey through one of China’s most spectacular routes – the Tea Horse Road...

LUX* Tea Horse Road – an exclusive and original discovery adventure that guides, inspires and delights our guests as they embark on a transformational journey through the historic circuit of LUX* Tea Horse Road – is a unique experience, an experience of a lifetime.

Tucked into Lijiang’s ancient town,  a UNESCO World Heritage site, this boutique hotel stages exceptional local experiences to connect discerning travellers with the essence of the ancient town and its magical surroundings.

Located in a typical courtyard-shape residence, our luxury hotel in Lijiang banishes thoughtless patterns and offers a simple, fresh and sensory approach to showcasing the renowned ‘city of bridges’ of Lijiang. 

Home to a profusion of traditional architecture and culture, Lijiang provides LUX* the perfect backdrop to celebrate the local Naxi culture whilst providing its guests a Lighter, Brighter experience in refreshingly modern comforts. 

Expect personalized adventurous excursions inspired by The LUX* Tea Horse Road original trail, experience original Naxi cooking classes directly from Baisha villagers, learn about the legendary Pu’er tea with in-house tea ceremonies, find your message in a bottle around the narrow lanes of the old town, dare the challenging surroundings on a horseback or simply enjoy what we love most, explore the myriads of faces of Lijiang ancient town.

Why LUX* Lijiang ?

Introducing LUX* Lijiang
Introducing LUX* Lijiang

Embark on the LUX* Tea Horse Road: a passage through Place and Time.

Join us, and discover the first stop in the heart of Lijiang’s ancient town...


Yunnan province is home to China’s largest number of ethnic minority groups, an…