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LUX* Lijiang - Opening on the 9th September 2014

Mountain Light...
Opening a window onto one of China’s hidden treasures, discovering a unique journey through one of China’s most spectacular routes: The Tea Horse Road ...
LUX* Tea Horse Road – an exclusive and original discovery adventure that guides, inspires and delights our guests as they embark on a transformational journey through the historic circuit of LUX* Tea Horse Road– a unique experience, an experience of a lifetime.

Tucked into Lijiang’s Ancient Town,  a UNESCO World Heritage site, LUX* Lijiang stages exceptional local experiences to connect discerning travellers with the essence of the Ancient Town and its magical surroundings.

Located in a typical courtyard-shape residence, LUX* Lijiang banishes thoughtless patterns and offers a simple, fresh and sensory approach to showcasing the renowned ‘city of bridges’ of Lijiang. 

Home to a profusion of traditional architecture and culture, Lijiang provides LUX* the perfect backdrop to celebrate the local Naxi culture whilst providing its guest a Lighter, Brighter experience in refreshingly modern comforts. 

Expect personalized adventurous excursions inspired by The Horse Road original trail, experience original Naxi cooking classes directly from Baisha villagers, learn about the legendary Pu’er tea with in-house tea ceremonies, find your message in a bottle around the narrow lanes of the old town, dare the challenging surroundings on a horseback or simply enjoy what we love most, explore the myriads of faces of lijiang Ancient Town.

Reasons to Go
LUX* Lijiang
Introducing LUX* Lijiang
  • LUX* Resorts & Hotels is about to open a window onto one of China’s untouched wonders. Embark on the LUX* Tea Horse Road: a passage through Place and Time.

    Join us, and discover the first stop in the heart of Lijiang’s Ancient Town…

Traditional Naxi cooking classes
traditional Naxi cooking classes
  • Home to the largest number of ethnic minority groups in China, Yunnan province rightly claims to offer one of the most varied cuisines in the country. With a profusion of culinary influences coming from different minorities, the local cuisine has been exposed to a variety of cooking styles yet striving to keep the original taste of each of its ingredients.

    Did you know that Yunnan has the largest diversity of plant life in China? At LUX* Lijiang we treasure the expertise of our chef when it comes to balance the sour, spicy, tender and sweet elements of the local cuisine and we invite you to experience a traditional Naxi cooking class right at the core of the Ancient Town.

    It starts with a trip to the local market to hand pick the freshest ingredients mixed with local herbs from our very own herb garden, followed by the cooking class to learn the intricate techniques of local preparation and concludes around a communal table to savour your creations. 

Your Arty Set
Your Arty Set
  • Painting iconic landscapes or dramatic sceneries do not tickle your inner artistic nature? At LUX* Lijiang we believe that holding a brush and a pot of ink might serve a different purpose!Our local Naxi community has done an incredible work at preserving the written pictographic language coming from their age-old Dongba culture and we are ready to share it with you…the LUX* way. 

    Known as the ‘last living pictographic language’ in the world, the Dongba pictograms resemble drawings of nature, animals and daily life elements. We take you behind the scene of the local Naxi Culture Institute of Baisha Village to meet a real Dongba Shaman, one of only 60 Dongba masters still alive.

    With him, you will perfect your drawing skills and be able to create evocative pictograms representing this incredible destination and the spirit of its majestic culture.

On your bike
On your bike
  • Spectacular landscapes and fresh air; once you arrive at LUX* Lijiang very little will stop you from hopping on a bicycle and explore the surroundings riding among Ancient Towns and endless fields.
    Whether you are a casual biker who just seeks relaxation, or an experienced rider seeking thrills and excitement, we will provide you personalized maps to ensure you don’t miss the best spots of the area and bring home unforgettable memories!
    Start from Lijiang Ancient Town, reach the famous Black Dragon Pool and continue to Baisha Village for a tasty local lunch. This could be your morning work-out or simply the beginning of a greater adventure which can take you up to the iconic Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. 

Giddy up
Giddy up
  • Rip-off horse riding with a bunch of noisy tourists? Not us! Ride on horseback along some of the legendary cobblestone trails originally used by the fearless horsemen to trade precious tea. The team at LUX* Lijiang will show you some of the hidden paths used during the Tea Horse Road around the Ancient Town all the way to the foot of the snow mountain.
    Feel like braving the intricate forest, altitude lakes and waterfalls? Your horseman will show you how to best move through the labyrinth of almost invisible trails.
    Located at an altitude of 3200 meters, your first stop can be Wenhai Lake, a visit to the local village and why not? A picnic nearby the Lijiang Royal Botanical Garden gazing at the magnificent Dayan valley to  complete your day before heading back on your horse. 

Hike your way around
Hike your way around
  • Cooking classes are not your cup of tea? Hiking is one of the best ways to discover the surroundings of Lijiang, all you need is a good pair of hiking shoes and a camera!
    Lashi Lake, the Stone Drum Town, the First Bend of Yangtze River, Middle Tiger Leaping Gorge and Jade Dragon Snow Mountain are just few of the incredible places that we got covered for you to hike your way around Lijiang.
    Hiking is not an easy diversion and should not be taken lightly at these altitudes. This is why LUX* Lijiang ensures that all the locations are safe and tested in relation to the season right before your arrival to ensure you make the most out of your time on the highlands. 


LUX* Lijiang Launch Offer
LUX* Lijiang Launch Offer
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  • All reservations made and confirmed until 08.01.15 get 25% reduction per night!