Workshop Info

Hotel VenueWorkshop DaysTime
LUX* South Ari Atoll - Maldives 26 -27 - 28 Feb 2017 16:00-18:00
LUX* Belle Mare – Mauritius 03 – 04 – 05 March 2017 16:00-18:00
LUX* Le Morne – Mauritius 06 - 07 - 08 March 2017  16:00-18:00
LUX* Grand Gaube – Mauritius 09 - 10 - 11 March 2017 16:00-18:00
LUX* Saint Gilles– Reunion 13 – 14 – 15 March 2017   16:00-18:00

Tickets $40.- per workshop session in Mauritius & Reunion Island and $60.- per workshop session in Maldives.
Registration at the resort concierge desk.

Yoga & Art: Experimental Printmaking

With NamARTste

Cultivate a sense of play and curiosity as we explore the vast world of mono printing. This light hearted two hour workshop will begin with a vinyasa flow yoga class before moving into the creative zone where we will learn skills and techniques of print making including:

  • styrofoam prints
  • acetate prints
  • bubble printing

Take home ready-to-frame art pieces or cards to gift to friends and family.


Lucy (Yu) Lawes is part of the NamARTste team. She is a Melbourne-based illustrative artist, whose work brings together elements of nature and expressions of beauty, often with an air of surrealism. She has exhibited in New Zealand, Australia and the USA, and continues to explore collaborative and commissioned projects.
In teaching through the union of art and yoga, it is my utmost wish to bring your awareness to the beautiful, intricate sensations we often miss. These are seeds that nurture our creativity, and colour our experience of true aliveness. Just as art helps us make sense of the world through lines, shapes and space, moving through yoga asana with mindfulness in breath allows us to feel into the nuances of sensation, and appreciate the power of being fully present in body and mind. Each breath has its own shape, texture, emotion; each breath is an invitation to connect to ourselves, and to come back home.”

What you will get

  • All art materials provided.
  • There will be some yoga mats available to borrow on the day if you don’t have your own.