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LUX* Resorts & Hotels is a brand that cares. Naturally, we care about the quality of our guest experience – after all, we’re dedicated to celebrating life! However, global warming is a fact of life. Something has to be done, and we intend to do everything we can to protect the breathtaking environments that host our hotels and resorts. That’s why we’ve taken a voluntary stand to invest in projects that will meet the challenges of sustainable tourism head on. 

LUX* Resorts and Hotels achieves SEMSI status

LUX* Resorts & Hotels is delighted to become the first hotel group to have acquired SEMSI status, (Stock Exchange of Mauritius Sustainability Index) having achieved key eligibility criteria. Meeting the four key pillars set demonstrates the group’s leadership in economic, environmental, social and corporate governance, promoting sustainability, sound governance and transparent business practices.

Launched by the SEM in September 2015, SEMSI tracks listed companies on the Official Market and the Development and Enterprise Market that meet key sustainability criteria based on the Global Reporting Initiative Guidelines.  By setting up SEMSI, the SEM has embraced a leading role in creating a more sustainable capital market and in promoting responsible investment. Following it’s launch, the SEM has become a signatory and partner exchange of the United Nation’s Sustainable Stock Exchanges (SSE) initiative.  As a result of achieving SEMSI status, LUX* Resorts & Hotels demonstrates its commitment and dedication towards responsible tourism and sustainable development.

The SEMSI tracks the price-performance of those companies listed on the Official Market or the Development & Enterprise Market which demonstrate strong sustainability practices. It therefore helps create value for all stakeholders (investors, customers, management, local community and suppliers) involved in responsible decision-making. The index promotes stakeholder engagement and inclusiveness; expanding business horizons and working towards long-term viability and resilience.

The assessment methodology of SEMSI provides robust guidelines for companies on what to measure and highlights areas for constant improvement, further helping LUX* to understand and manage social and environmental risks and opportunities for the future.  

Environmental Commitment



Tread Lightly – 100% Carbon Free Stays

Reducing carbon emissions has a positive impact on the effects of global warming. With Tread Lightly, we’re offsetting 100% of the carbon emitted by each guest during his or her stay. To achieve this, we’re working with Ecosur Afrique, a market-leading provider of environmental sustainability solutions. We’re also donating our offsetting fee to: carbon offsetting projects within the regions where LUX* is operating.

The project aims to empower and improve the livelihoods of local communities in one of the country’s poorest regions.

Energy Efficiency

What’s more, we’re doing everything we can to reduce our carbon emissions, year on year. Our dedicated team of specialists, the LUX* Sustainability Committee, are working across the group to implement environmental and energy saving initiatives including our Energy Management Systems (EMS), Carbon Management Strategies, Laundry Reduction, and countless others. We are committed to this cause and will continue to invest in new technologies that help reduce carbon emissions. We are striving towards a brighter, cleaner future, and with Tread Lightly we’d like you to join us.


Although individual decisions may seem small in the face of global threats and trends, when billions of people join forces in common purpose, we can make a tremendous difference."  Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations.

  • Ecology
  • Mahebourg Espoir
  • Ecosud


Social Commitment

At LUX*, we recognise that our resorts and hotels have an impact on their locales. We are dedicated to ensuring that our company has a positive impact on the people who work for us, and the world in which they live.  

Social Needs & Education

  • Ecole Pailles en Queue 
  • Atelier de Formation de Vivre
  • Centre d’Eveil de Souillac 
  • Centre d’Eveil de Mangalkhan 
  • Ecole de la Vie de Baie du Tombeau  


  • Thalassemia Society Ltd


GML Fondation Joseph Lagesse

LUX* works in collaboration with the GML Fondation Joseph Lagesse, a non-profit organisation that strives to alleviate poverty, provide healthcare to those in need, protect the environment, and promote education and training in local communities.Education is key, and we’ve made it one of our biggest priorities. We’re offering educational programmes to our staff, but also to children in local schools – in doing so, we’re helping them become informed and responsible adults. 


Pack for a Purpose

At LUX*, we’re dedicated to meeting our sustainable development objectives by having a positive impact on the communities around our hotels and resorts. To help achieve this goal, we’ve joined forces with Pack for a Purpose, a non-profit organisation that encourages travellers to fill any available space in their luggage with supplies for children in need. A bundle of pencils or a solitary stethoscope can have a huge impact on a small local community – that’s why we’re encouraging our guests to Pack for a Purpose!


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