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LUX* Sports calendar of sporting events for Mauritius and Maldives 2014


LUX* Resorts & Hotels, Indian Ocean, is delighted to announce the LUX* Sports calendar of sporting events for 2014, including the celebrated LUX* Maldives Underwater Festival and Mauritius LUX* Royal Raid.

LUX* Sports organises no less than 11 sporting events in Mauritius and the Maldives throughout the year. The events attract various participants, from top athletes and international sports professionals to the holidaymaker seeking a new challenge.

LUX* Sports has introduced adventure to the standard beach holiday, combining the simple pleasures of island life with invigorating activities and events. From a diving festival experience with the world record holder Christian Redl to adrenaline pumping kite surfing and surf ski races, LUX* Sports offer a new take on Mauritius and the Maldives, combining love of sports and passion for travel.

LUX* Sports calendar of events 2014

Date Event Details Location

16-20 April

LUX* Maldives Underwater Festival

LUX* Maldives Underwater Festival - 3rd edition partnering with leading diving company Euro-Divers. Activities will include scuba diving in some of the world’s most beautiful dive sites, free diving with whale sharks and apnea courses with Austrian world champion free diver Christian Redl.



Mauritius LUX* Royal Raid 35 and 80 kms

Returning for the 8th time, the challenging Mauritian mountain run is back with two splendid races held simultaneously: a race of 80kms and 35km in the south west of Mauritius.


29 June-05 July

LUX* Mauritius  Surf Ski

The Mauritius Ocean Classic race - 6th edition which forms part of this surf ski week has established itself as one of the best of the World Series. Coaching available from top champions during the surf ski week.




Date Event Details Location


LUX* Mauritius Marathon

This challenge, in its 5th edition, takes place on one of the most beautiful tracks in the world: runners will complete a marathon, half-marathon and 10kms of coastal road whilst gazing at one of the most natural lagoons on the Island as well as typical coastal villages. AIMS and IAAF Certified. 


26 July-02 August

Kite Surfing – Kiteival

Kiteival is back for the 6th time and is open to all       kiters, at any level. The event takes place all around   the island, in some of the most striking lagoons.


01-08 September

MTB Cycle Tour

This challenge consists of a 305kms mountain bike ride around Mauritius across costal roads and on the beach.



Indian Ocean Triathlon

Described by many as the most breath-taking triathlon in the world, the event involves a 1.8 kms swim in the lagoon, a 55kms mountain and road cycle, followed by a 12kms run on beach and track. This scenic track draws athletes from all over the world.


10-16 November

Cycling Week

This exciting cycling week takes place in five stages, across coastal and inland roads of Mauritius inviting people to discover the beautiful inlands of Mauritius.


18-23 November

Stand Up Paddle Challenge

For the third time, this friendly challenge is set to bring professionals and sport amateurs together on an exciting discovery adventure. The event consists of coaching and training sessions with champions, ending with two days competition.    


27-30 November

Mountain Biking

This race is structured in four stages and participants are set in teams of two. Mountain bikers taking part will discover some of the most protected and wild places in Mauritius, offering the best climbs for mountain biking.  


13-14 December

Beach Rugby

LUX* Sports, 974 Actions Reunion (Esprit Beach - Beach Rugby Indian Ocean) and the Rugby Union of Mauritius have entered into a partnership to organize this fantastic and exciting annual beach rugby tournament (Touch Rugby).


All above sporting events can be booked directly online on LUX*Sports.

For further information, on LUX* SPORTS, please contact Albert D’Unienville, LUX* Sports Manager, Email:albert.dunienville@luxresorts.com, Mobile phone number: +230 5 258 03 66, or visit our LUX* Sports website