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Zhangs close to the LUX* heart-celebrating the first Chinese repeat guests at LUX* Grand Gaube

You know when you have such an amazing holiday that you can’t wait to share your pictures and memories with your loved ones back home? To our great joy, pictures were certainly not enough for De Zhi Zhang and Qi Yue Zhang, a young couple from Beijing who stayed for a first time at LUX* Grand Gaube in December 2013.

They returned home and shared their experience with Mr. Zhang’s parents…who decided that the Mauritian holiday sounded too good to be shared only in pictures and stories.

As a consequence, LUX* Grand Gaube is now honoured to have received its very first Chinese repeat guests: Mr. and Mrs. Zhang returned to LUX* Grand Gaube in April 2014, together with the parents, Mr Shi Ming Zhang and Mrs Xue Jin Gu, who came to celebrate their 33rd wedding anniversary.

Charmed by Mauritius and the legendary LUX* hospitality, the Zhangs knew they will feel right at home for their second stay, and confident their parents would be properly spoiled. Tie Xin means “close to the heart” in Mandarin, and the LUX* Xie Tin concept was put in place in LUX* hotels to provide a personalized welcome and stay to Chinese guests. Greeted on arrival in Mandarin and accompanied during the stay by Mandarin-speaking team members, they can now enjoy a fully-customized Mauritian experience.

All hotel menus and guest communication are available in Mandarin, there are Chinese TV channels and movies as well as daily Chinese newspapers, Chinese books in the library, Mandarin-speaking guides on day trips, not to mention a dedicated food and drinks selection available from breakfast to dinner in the resorts’ restaurants.

Why is that important? We are here to make people have amazing holidays. But as amazing as a travel destination is, how can you make sure you can delight and surprise your guest if you don’t understand his wishes and desires? Thanks to LUX* Xie Tin, LUX* now has a dedicated program for Chinese travelers, and a communication gateway open with them.

We trust the Zhangs appreciated their second stay at LUX* Grand Gaube, and are looking forward to seeing more of our guests feel so welcomed and comfortable in our resorts, that they can’t wait to return and bring their family. Our guests are always close to our hearts.